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Why we need Black doulas to build Black futures

"As a Black birth doula, I interact with the city in a different way. Memphis is well regarded for its extensive medical and educational facilities, and yet it also once held the highest infant mortality rate in the nation. It currently holds cesarean rates almost double the national rate. 

I’m not surprised by these statistics. I work with majority Black clients, and the negligent treatment they receive in hospitals is both common and criminal. Their concerns are taken lightly, disregarded or completely ignored and the staff are often preoccupied with numbers instead of care..........

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Why we need Black doulas to build Black futures

" I first heard of a birth plan in the summer of 2016 at a hypnobirthing class I took while I was pregnant. My daughter’s father and I dutifully attended the eight-week birth education course at a local hospital. There, we were part of a circle of first-time parents who, like us, had questions about everything from the best positions for labor to what an epidural does. When it came time to talk about birth plans, we were given templates and told that this was our chance to tell our obstetricians and other hospital staff what we did or didn’t want........"

Evidence Based Birth


"Putting evidence based information into the hands of communities so they can make empowered choices."

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